justacrazypenguinnamedally asked: "HIYA THOMAS ;), I can't wait for the album, I'm sure it's going to be better than ever :D, I'm currently on holiday in Bulgaria and i'm starting to miss home a bit but i'm home in 6 days :) xx"

aww thanks for the support babe! Hows the weather in Bulgaria? -Nathan x

We all get homesick once in a while, mean while you should enjoy yourself! -Siva x

justacrazypenguinnamedally asked: "Heya Boys, I missed you two :D, I'm glad your back now, what have you been up too? xx~Ally"


*laughs* We’ve just been real busy recording the album and stuff. -Max x

We’re so excited for you all to hear it!! -Nathan x

It’s gonna be wicked! -Jay x


We’re sorry for being gone, for soooo long. WE FEEL TERRIBLE. but we’re here now, so come spam us with love :) ahah we’ve missed you lot!! xx

-The Wanted.

velocicaptor asked: "oopsie i keep forgetting to message you ^.^ sorry its been so long!"

Haha it’s ok love! - Siva

Don’t forget please! - Nathan

Anonymous asked: "I love youuuuuuu "I wish he could see my heart beating for him*jay*"

Aww! I love you too! - Jay

Anonymous asked: "Aww don't worry about it! I've just missed y'all... :( I haven't been round much either -Emily"

We missed you tooooooooooo! -Tom x

What have you been up to? -Siva x

Anonymous asked: "I'm glad it was Seev :) 'laughs' I'm sure Jaythan will last forever oh and happy st Patricks day for tomorrow or as i know it my birthday :) ~Ally x"

Jaythan is forever!! -Jay x

Oi.. -Nathan x

Happy belated birthday Ally! -Tom x

Sorry we missed it… -Siva x

Anonymous asked: "Hi bbys :) -Emily"

Hey love! -Nathan x

Sorry we haven’t been around… -Tom x

Yeah, we’ve been busy in LA! -Siva x

But we’re glad to be back! -Jay x

mnrjewel17 asked: "I can only imagine! I was in Music (Band) for 7 years when I was in school. Now I'm studying for a different career path. I want all five of you to promise, you'll relax and take some time for yourselves every once in awhile. Promise? ♥xx"

Promise! -Tom x

Tom.. We can’t promise that, but working with these 4 idiots is actually pretty fun. *laughs* -Max x

Idiots?! *rubs max’s head* I guess working with baldy is alright! *laughs* -Jay x

Anonymous asked: "im not very well today :c Ive got a temperature"

I’m sorry to hear that love! -Siva x

Would you like me to make you a cuppa? -Nathan x

Man, everyone is just getting sick! *hugs* -Tom x

youaremy-guidinglight asked: "Hahahah you guys are funny"

Oh well you know, we try! -Siva x

velocicaptor asked: "Awww nathy bless. My puppy chewed up my favourite converse if thats any conciliation"

Awhh poor converse! -Nathan x

I wanna see the puppy!! -Max x

justacrazypenguinnamedally asked: "It was Tom, im sure he is romantic in his own Tom way Max. Hope you had a great time Seev and dont worry Nath one day you will meet your perfect girl but until then you have Jay, isnt that right Jay :) ~Ally"

Aha! - Tom

I did have a great time love! - Seev

Jaythan forever! *hugs Nath* - Jay

Love you Jay! - Nath

Anonymous asked: "is Tomax real *raises eyebrows expressively*"

What? Tomax? Psh. *smirks* - Tom x

Are you denying our love?! - Max x

Course not! *gives Max a noogie* - Tom x

mnrjewel17 asked: "Heyy Sweethearts! How y'all doing? ;) ♥xx"

Hey love! We’re doing great! -Tom x

Just been in the studio a lot lately.. -Max x

Yeah, it tires you out! -Jay x